H-2 to the wedding story

Almost there…today me & my family, fiance & his parents was going to church to do the reherseal. Our wedding blessing, will be in catholic wedding blessing.

After the reherseal, me & my mom going to the jewellery shop to clean up my wedding ring and give a date on it.

While waiting the process for 30minute, we are having a brunch on warung soto near it.
Then, mom and i going to the department store buy some stuff and going home.

Arrived at home, i saw the “tenda” was build in front of my granpa house! It’s white 🙂
The reception was in the hotel but tomorrow we’ll be doing the javanes wedding “adat” way, like SIRAMAN&DODOL DAWET in the morning and MIDODARENI at night.

20120823-014614 PM.jpg

mendekati hari H semua orang makin spaneng, ada om saya yg ngeyel2an dgn *we called him* pak sart the event organizer wedding.
Pak sart says A and our family says B.
And i want to say “HEY WHO’S THE BOSS HERE?!”

Pak sart ngeyel and my uncle was so ngeyel too hahhaha

H-2 i wont think anything, just pray that the wedding was successfull. And pak sart & my family wasn’t enyel2an again hahaha


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